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Live in Balance with a FRESH START

FRESH START stands for the 10 things that I believe you must have a good relationship with to feel radiant, full of joy, have that glow in your face and skip in your step.

You may feel like you need a Fresh Start if you’re feeling stuck and at a turning point in you’re life. You are almost certainly out of balance if you do not feel pleased with your life on some level. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something, and I can from experience – some wake up calls are louder than others! We all have our own paths and have a different balance that is going to support us optimally – the thing to is ask are we comfortable were we are and how do we want to improve.

How can we move toward balance and always make choices that support our well-being?

A FRESH START lifestyle to LIVE WELL is well balanced in these areas:

  • Food
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Sunshine
  • Hydration
  • Service
  • Trust
  • Attitude
  • Recreation
  • Temperance

What do you think of the FRESH START lifestyle? The FRESH START framework is simple and broken into areas that nurture us- they can feed us and support us…or feed on us and eat us alive!

Everyone balance is gonna be a little different and change over time, but these 10 elements are what I believe to be the utmost importance to your health and happiness. It’s the framework that I use to stay in balance myself and help my clients with weight loss.

There will be more to come about the FRESH START lifestyle and being in balance with the elements.

FOOD for example is best supported for me with a practical raw food diet, but that may not be the case for you.

We might prefer different types of EXERCISE, but getting some daily movement is good for everyone! You must find what works for you.

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you found this post valuable please share it with your friends on facebook and spread the word for a FRESH START!

Be Well,


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