My 31st Birthday Hike at Pedernales Falls State Park

For my birthday I really wanted to spend time outside connecting to the wild. Especially exploring a new place for the first time. Discovering a new outdoor gem always thrills me. I opened the present of exploration with joy and set out for Pedernales Falls State Park with my sweetie and 2 dogs.

The park is a little over an hour drive through rolling country from our house. I was attracted to the park because of the waterfall feature. Growing up I spent a lot of time in Yosemite, and then working in park, I enjoy waterfalls and have a strong admiration for them.

The fall area was pretty and very crowded. I did manage to get a picture without hoards of people.

Pedernales Falls

The real treat was hiking along the river. We went through tall grass -blazing the way. There is something very freeing about walking with a trail. Choosing your path, deliberately, every step along the way. Maple and Bently got to run freely too and swim! It brings me great joy to watch my pets play and have fun outside.


It’s always amazing to me how few people venture far from the trailhead. I recall a statistic from a study in Yosemite, that over 95% of the visitors do not go more than one mile from the car.

How did we become so separated from nature?

The irony of wishing more people would connect with nature and get out – is that it is nice to experience nature without loads of people.

Overall the birthday hike was great.  It was awesome to explore a new state park with loved ones and connect with my wild side.

I highly encourage you to give yourself the gift of spending time outside in nature!

To your wild side,


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