Mexico Tortoise Trip Part 1: Vending for Ice and Finding Turtles

Hola Amigos!

Would you like to go on a little road trip?

Come with me Mexico!

Your seat will probably be more comfortable right where you are, so stay put and

click play on the video below…ohhhh grab some ice water first… its HOT dry desert out there!


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The purpose of the trip had nothing to do with raw foods or healthy eating, but it was supporting a healthy environment. The focus was on collecting blood to help determine genetic diversity of these animals across a geographic range.  Tortoises are excellent indicator species of overall environmental health of the region.

Good healthy populations indicate a good healthy community and environmental conditions.

Poor and declining populations indicate an unhealthy and unbalanced environmental conditions .

The research scientist I was with said that a lot of people judge the health of environmental conditions with amphibian species. And that 50% of amphibian species world-wide are gone or the remaining populations are threatened.

He then noted sadly, 50% of tortoise species world wide are gone or the remaining populations are threatened.

Something needs to be done. It is time for humans to step up and take better care of the planet we call home. How can we feel good about habitat fragmentation and destroying there home range?  In stead of taking the weight of the world on our shoulders, I suggest making positive choices at home to live greener.


The choices really do start at home and in our own back yards. God help me if I tried to do a “trash pick up day” to clean up the beaches of Mexico. The beach was littered with garbage like a dump!


To make a difference at HOME:

You can start an indoor garden of sprouts, start a community garden, ride your bike to school, work or shopping, replace your ornamental plants with native plants that require less water and maintenance…. just do something to make the world a greenier place. Please! Some day your kids will thank you!

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the Mexico Tortoise Trip. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and please share this with your friends.

Again the best thing you can is take good care of your internal environmental conditions…in other words, don’t put shit in your body or in your mind.

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To your radiant self,

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Suzanne September 11, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Hahaha! Our bulk ice vending experience makes me laugh every- time!


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