Change and Move On


The process of letting go and moving on can be hard. Attachment comes in many forms. For some reason, I get really attached to land, to places that inspire me and that nourish my soul. The photo above captures a magical view… a piece of paradise in California where the rolling hills fade into snow capped mountains.  I used to call this place home.  And in many ways it was not the best place for me to live. Ideas, habits and relationships that no longer had a benefit became overwhelming.

So I had to move on….

It is time to really SHINE! So I had to follow the glitter and ended up back in Lake Tahoe. The diamonds on the lake reflecting the bright Sierra sun called me back to the mountains.

Moving on and letting go CAN be easy too. It is a choice. How much attention and energy are you putting into resisting?

Focus on what you really want in life. Hold your core values tight. For me, my core values are healthy eating, what I call practical raw living, and sharing that inspiration with the world. I TRUST I will be in the right place to make magic happen.

New opportunities can only present themselves when you see around an obstacle. Take a new approach. Make a new turn in the trail, but NEVER give up on yourself.


With Love,



P.S. I will probably miss the granite counter tops in the expansive kitchen, gorgeous views, lush gardens and surrounding natural environment. However, there are MORE of those things other places.  It is my voice and dreams that can not be replaced. I dream of helping thousands of woman lose weight and making the world a brighter place. Before I go I wanted to share a video that will help you move on if you’re looking to lose weight. It is the last video I created in my old kitchen.

Click play on the video below to discover what you should LET GO of to lose weight.

YouTube Preview Image


That is all for now! Time to start organizing the new kitchen and give the Vitamix a new home!

Love and Blessing,


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