How to remove the negative voice that says, “You Can’t”

You are enough. You are perfect just the way you are. With the bumps and bruises, with the beauty, with all you don’t like…love yourself deeper, you are special.

Yes, You Are Enough. The statement above was a facebook post I made recently. It seemed I needed to remind myself of that fact – we are all special, all on this planet for a special purpose. We may have periods of self judgment and self doubt, but still those thoughts are unique to you and special.

It is easy to be hard on ourselves – our worst critic. In my creative mind, I always have new ideas and get excited over the new idea.  New, new, new appears shiny and sexy and the old idea appears stale, left to the back burner to rot.

I must thrive on that internal feeling, “geez you should of finished “x” before starting “y” and ending up with “z” Zero.  My goodness how that negative self talk that works its way to sabotage even the little success.

Stop that! Cultivate some self love and be your own biggest supporter.

One powerful exercise I found helpful came from Marie Forleo (her thing is to teach woman to be rich, happy and hot – I highly recommend her).

On a blank sheet of paper make a big T. On the top write what you want. In the left column free flow write why you think you can not do or have what you want.  Once you think you have all of reasons it can’t work, keep digging for a few minutes and keep writing.

Now cross each one out, with a bold strike-through and write next Total B.S. next to each reason. All of your excuses will become powerless.

You are enough. You can do what deeply desire most.

You can stop the negative self talk and move forward with supportive beliefs.

Go for it.

It may not be fun  or easy. But you are worth it.

You will see that all the reasons you think you can’t,  are reasons that you came up with.

You can create a different story. You are in control of your life. You are whole, perfect and complete.

This post was inspired to share some of my inner feelings. The goal is to feel good. I want you to feel better, no matter what is going on- you can feel better.

I can tell you. You are worth it. You are special.

To remove a negative voice inside, you have to take action toward how you do want to feel. Please ask yourself, “How do I? and How can I figure this out?” more than you tell yourself what is not working! Try the “T List Exercise” and let me know how it worked for you.


Please leave a comment below to share how you remove  negative un-supportive thoughts.


Thank you for reading, growing and being you!

With Love,


Sue Thomas





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