Health Motivator Daniel Vitalis makes Amazing Colostrum and Coffee Elixir

I recently attended an ElixirCraft Mastery Course with Daniel Vitalis.  Daniel is a health and longevity strategist with contagious energy. His passion for sharing knowledge about spring water, herbal teas elixirs  and strategies for THRIVING in today’s environment makes him one of my favorite health mentors. Daniel came up out of the raw food world, so like me, many of his followers enjoy raw vegan food.

During the ElixirCraft course he taught us to how to make incredible teas and medicinal elixirs. The ingredients he used were selected to support health. In fact, everything we used during the class to make liquid nutrition had a health benefit.

Daniel asks the question, "Would you try this?"

Daniel asks the question, "Raise your hand if...?"

At one point he asked the class to close their eyes and raise their hand if they would not drink something with colostrum or coffee in it.  Being a bunch of vegan raw food enthusiasts, the majority of the group did not want coffee because the beans have been roasted or “cooked”, or colostrum because although a raw food, it comes from cow’s milk and so it is not a vegan food. Daniel wondered if the same people who did not want the colostrum were the same folks who would not drink the coffee. He decided to make a special drink including both colostrum and coffee. This colostrum was high quality from his SurThrival product line.

So what is colostrum and what are the supposed health benefits?  I’ll get into the details down below.

I tried the colostrum earlier during the class and frankly did not care for its texture and the way it stuck to the roof of my mouth. However, I was open to try it again.

I have worked hard removing myself from a RAWlegion, imposing dogmas and labeling my dietary intake with  a percentage.  Even back when I ate a 100% raw vegan foods – I drank some coffee. I love coffee, so decision came from the heart. I love would to taste the colostrum coffee elixir.

Getting a sample of the Colostrum Coffee

Getting a sample of the Colostrum Coffee


It was absolutely amazing.  Delicious! Similar to the best soy latte, but on another plane. Add nutritious, supporting my healthy lifestyle.

Colostrum or first milk is made by the mammary glands of mammals.  It is only produced after giving birth. So yes -it can be raw, but NOT vegan. Colostrum helps lay the foundation of the immune system.

Colostrum from cow’s milk has been used by people from around the world for generations to support the immune system. By stimulating the immune system it helps the body fight colds and infections. The health benefits of colostrum have been studied since 1940.

Colostrum has been used for help with dieting, body building, and in athletic and anti-aging health strategies.

According to Daniel, colostrum is 95% absorbable by the body. Therefore, your body can actually absorb and put to good use most of what you ingest. That is not the story with multivitamins or other supplements that pass through the body and assist in creating expensive urine.

For now, I will continue to drink my coffee black. No cream or sugar please.

So have you ever tried colostrum?  If someone you respected offered you a colostrum drink, would you take a sip? Let me know your thoughts and post a comment below.

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