Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go



Today I wanted to share a short video on the importance of forgiveness. How do we “let go” and move on?

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Focus on the Love  > Forget the bad > Make more room for LOVE!

Be sure to check out the Incredible Year Planner if you want to partake in a self guided practice

to let go and love more in 2013!

We know it’s important to let go of the past and what does not serve us any longer.

It sure is wonderful to have tools to do it. Tools for clarity and to gently guide us along.

Release and Celebrate 2012 - Invoke Your Incredible 2013


You can celebrate and release 2012 with gentle guided forgiveness – start by forgiving yourself!

Soaking in the energy!



With Love,

Sue Thomas


P.S. It is a hard to pill to swallow, thinking that my philosophical blog posts suck, compared to food related posts. However, forgiving myself is the only way to improve.  I think you will agree…Love more to Let Go 😉

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Have a wonderful day!

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