Daniel Vitalis on Bovine Colostrum Benefits

Are you ready to boost your immune system with a natural vaccine?

In this lively video Daniel Vitalis speaks about the valuable health benefits of Colostrum at the FIX in Nevada City.  Enjoy the video!

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I love the colostrum for an added boost to my immune system.

To learn more about colostrum benefits and where you can get some click the link below


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Monica March 20, 2010 at 9:41 am

i grew up on a dairy farm and my parents were always looking for natural alternative heeling methods. they started giving our family colostrum about 25 years ago and it really does work. we didnt use it daily, just when we started feeling sick with sore throats or colds. the colustrum we used was fresh and in liquid form; i’m sure it comes in many different ways depending on where you get it. i always felt like i was taking important antibodies from the calf it was intended for – i’ll have to check into that. i don’t want to deprive a baby from getting imortant immunities it needs to thrive. the point is – colostrum does indeed work and it’s a great natural alternative to harmful vaccinations.


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