Benefits of Pomegranate and How to eat a Pomegranate

Benefits of Pomegranate and How to eat a Pomegranate


Hey there!

This post was inspired by the Dr Oz show.

One evening I saw my mother beating the back of a red fruit for the seeds to come out.

She was whacking on a pomegranate like I have never seen.

She said, “that is how it was done on TV… I want to eat a pomegranate”.

Later I watched the episode and understood why beating the pomegranate seemed like a good idea.

I still prefer to use a sharp knife to cut open a pomegranate and get the seeds out.

The red seeds are little jewels!

Watch the video below for the benefits of pomegranate and a kitchen demonstration on how to eat a pomegranate.

Click play and enjoy a Pomegranate!



A superfood indeed!


Pomegranates Benefits:

• Helps you burn fat and speed up metabolism
• Good Sugars that will not spike your blood glucose levels
• Lowers bad cholesterol and helps to regulate blood pressure
• Has been shown to lower the risk of prostrate cancer

The best way to eat pomegranate seeds is in a salad or fresh juice. Yumm!


How to Eat a Pomegranate

Step 1: Cut off the ends and then slice the pomegranate into 4 sections.


Step 2: Fill up a bowl with water and submerge the pomegranate sections. Gently remove the white pith and the ripe pomegranate seeds will fall out into the water.


Step 3: Drain the water and use the seeds right away or store in a Tupperware for a delicious salad!


Be sure to pick up a pomegranate the next time you see one. The health benefits of pomegranate can be enjoyed when you eat the superfood!


Please share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it and feel free to leave a comment below. Do you like pomegranates? Have a pomegranate recipe you adore?

Enjoy good health with good food!

Be Well,

Sue Thomas


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